Visiting Faculty Awards and Student Summer Internships

This Program will create new research opportunities for faculty with potential for competitive funding, develop existing partnerships with collaborators and create new opportunities between the network institutions in Puerto Rico and in other IDeA states. It is designed mainly to promote research collaborations between faculty at 4-year colleges and at research-intensive universities in Puerto Rico. This activity will provide funding for visiting faculty and student interns to conduct research during one month. Faculty and students will participate in summer research at INBRE Tier 1 and Tier 2 institutions. Summer research may also be conducted at a collaborator’s laboratory in another IDeA state. In addition to stimulating new research opportunities for faculty, this activity will strengthen interactions between the research project mentors and the developmental project PIs.

1. The Junior Faculty Summer Internship Program:


  • Awards of up $10,000 each will be made following a review process of applications.
  • Faculty from all INBRE network institutions will be eligible to apply


  1. Participants may be up to 8 weeks working on a research project at a university in Puerto Rico, from May through July.

a. $8,000 for summer salary

b. $2,000 for expendable supplies

2. Participants may be up to 8 weeks working on a research project at a university in USA.

a. Air fare, housing, ground transportation, per diem, laboratory supplies

Application Procedures/ Requirements

  1. Biographical Sketch of the applicant
  2. Justification for selection of mentor with his/her biographical sketch
  3. Description of the summer research project and how the project fits in with the applicant’s and mentor’s long-term research goals
  4. The applicant’s professional development plan
  5. A research proposal (5 pages maximum) designed with guidance of a mentor (the description of the projects should describe how the project fits into the applicants and mentor’s long-term research goals. Applications should be submitted using the NIH PHS 398 forms.

Important Notice:

After completion of the Visiting Professorship, faculty participants will provide quarterly written reports describing their achievements and plans to develop their project. Faculty awardees will also report their results in an oral presentation at the PR-INBRE Annual Retreat. All forms necessary for the application will be downloadable from the PR- INBRE website. Under exception, the award may be used during the academic year with an authorization and release time of the applicant institution. The Selection Committee will choose awardees on a competitive basis.

2. The Student Summer Internship Program:


Students enrolled in degree-granting programs at PR-INBRE Institutions may apply for a summer research experience for a period up to 8 weeks between June 1 and September 30 of each year, supervised by a mentor in a PR-INBRE lab or at a research laboratory in another state. The Selection Committee will choose the awardees on a competitive basis. The number of awardees will depend on location of training and the availability of funds.


Support will cover housing, transportation, per diem, salary and supplies, depending on location.

Application Procedures/ Requirements

Criteria for selection will be:

  1. Must be a full-time graduate or undergraduate student enrolled in a science degree program at a Puerto Rico INBRE institution
  2. Have successfully completed the first year of undergraduate or graduate studies (minimum GPA 3.0)
  3. Have identified a scientific mentor at the University (provide a letter of support from the mentor)
  4. Provide a Biographical Sketch of the mentor
  5. Provide a project outline and description with timetable

Important Notice:

Participating students must present their work in an oral or poster presentation at the PR- INBRE Annual Retreat.

All applications should be sent or delivered to:
Sandra Charriez, Assistant Project Coordinator;
Dr. Loyda Méndez, STCE Coordinator;

Click here to download VFA Application Form (Summer)