Technology Transfer Travel Award

The program will provide Travel Award to students and faculty of Undergraduate Institutions to receive research training at mainland institutions. The objective of this program will be to enhance the research competence of our research faculty and students, promote research collaborations between faculty in Puerto Rico and their peers in other states that will expand the research network between IdEA states. Investigators and students will be visit research laboratories for up to four weeks to learn a technique whose implementation in their work will enhance their results as well as their research capacity and transfer new technology to Puerto Rico.


  1. Three awards of up to $8,000 each will be made following a review process of applications.
  2. Priority will be given to faculty and student of non-PhD granting institutions (Primarily Undergraduate Institution).


The awards will provide for travel costs for the faculty applicant plus one student, per diem costs, housing allowance, as well as funds for reagents and supplies to be utilized during their visit and for implementation of the technology transferred to their home institution.

Application Procedures/ Requirements

Applications (5-page proposal) must include a description of the applicant’s long and short term goals to be achieved from their research, how the knowledge and skills gained from the proposed travel will enhance their research agenda and skills in the short term and contribute to their long-term goals (Plan for implementation), a brief description of the site to be visited (including a letter of invitation from the host scientist and his/her curriculum vitae) and the work to be accomplished there (with a budget), and a curriculum vitae of the applicant. After selection, make sure that you use updated institutional guidelines for travel budgeting, contact the INBRE administrator for details. Applications should be submitted on the NIH PHS 398 forms. Please see the NIH instructions page.

Important Notice

At the end of award, the faculty and or student participants will provide written reports describing their achievements and future plans to develop their project.

Please click here to download our Grant Application.