Science and Technology Competency Enhancement Core

The specific aims of the STCE-Core proposal are to:

  1. Establish a working communication network between INBRE PUIs and graduate-level mentoring institutions, the Puerto Rico Institute for Forensic Sciences (PR-IFS) and pharmaceutical industry representatives in Puerto Rico with the purpose of promoting respective science and technology education programs that specifically target the needs of students and workers in biotechnology-based academic programs, government agencies, and pharmaceutical industries.
  2. Promote and coordinate the recruitment of a minimum of 12 undergraduate and post-baccalaureate-level trainees per year to educational programs in science and technology that can lead to academic degrees, certificates of training, or new competencies by their participation in thematic technical workshops that will be targeted to the specific needs of each population. These will include undergraduate students, faculty of PUIs, and qualified B.S.-level employees from government agencies and biopharmaceutical industries in Puerto Rico.
  3. Collaborate with the local Puerto Rico Institute for Forensic Sciences (PR-IFS) Institute and selected biopharmaceutical companies that participate in INBRE-sponsored training activities, to assess changes in productivity outcomes through the administration of pre- and post-training evaluations.

To achieve these specific aims will be doing three main activities:


Tuition and Thematic Technical Workshop:  The STCE will provide for undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate students, direct tuition funding for short-term (up to 6 months) training in areas of science and technology relevant to the needs of emerging as well as established biopharmaceutical, biotechnological, and research enterprises in Puerto Rico in addition, is will offer Thematic Technical Workshops, a hands-on training experience according to the needs of groups involved.

Technology Transfer Travel Awards Program: for research opportunities for students from the undergraduate institutions. Investigators and students will be visit research laboratories for up to four weeks to learn a technique whose implementation in their work will enhance their results as well as their research capacity and transfer new technology to Puerto Rico.

Students Fellowships: Incentives are needed to attract more students into science, technology, mathematics, and engineering fields, particularly minorities and women into biotechnology research. Graduate and undergraduate fellowships will be awarded to candidates who present high quality applications to work on multidisciplinary research within the INBREresearch networks.

Seminar Tours: This project will allow for internationally recognized scientists to lecture during 3 consecutive days throughout the INBRE institutions in order to attract promising students into science majors and to provide additional opportunities for exposure to cutting-edge research

Junior Faculty and Students Summer Internship Program: The Program will stimulate initiating research opportunities for junior faculty with potential for competitive funding, develop partnerships between the network institutions and research collaborations between faculty from Undergraduate Institutions and Mentoring Institutions.

STCE Core Contact Information

Dr. Jose F. Rodriguez-Orengo
STCE Core Director, PRINBRE
Department of Biochemistry
School of Medicine-Medical Sciences Campus
University of Puerto Rico

Dr. Loyda Mendez
STCE Project Coordinator

Sandra Charriez
STCE Assistant Project Coordinator
Puerto Rico IDeA Network Biomedical Research Excellence
Phone number:(787) 772-8300 ext. 1126
Fax number: (787) 522-3282