Our Students

Junior Research Associates (Class 2017-2018)


Graduate Students:

Carol Rivera Martinez
Engineering, UPR-Mayaguez
Research Project: Electrospun Collagen Scaffold for Peripheric Nerve Regeneration
Mentor: Jorge Almodovar

Jamie J. Jimenez Mendez
Psychology, Universidad del Este-Carolina
Research Project: Validity and reliability of New Ecological Paradigm Scale version for children in Spanish (NEP_Ñ) with a sample of elementary school students in Puerto Rico
Mentor: Nilda Medina

Gabriela Roman Buso
Biology, UPR-Mayaguez
Research Project: Host-Microbiome-Pathogen Evolutionary Genomics in Tropical Disease: A Comparative Metagenomic Investigation into Host-Pathogen Dynamics in Puerto Rican Amerindians
Mentor: Juan Martinez Cruzado

Joed Ortiz Santiago
Environmental Sciences, Universidad del Turabo
Research Project: Biocompatibility studies of Graphene Oxide Quantum Dots in neurons
Mentor: Lisandro Cunci


Undergraduate Students:

Gabriela Asencio Torres
Natural Sciences, UPR-Rio Piedras
Research Project: In vitro characterization of the novel Rac inhibitor HV-118 in breast cancer
Mentor: Linnette Castillo

Pura Gutierrez Mirabal
Biology, UPR-Mayaguez
Research Project: Determination of Transcription Factor Binding Elements in Region -720/-663 of Nuclear Factor for Interleukin-6 Gene via the Novel CRISPR-ChAP-MS technique
Mentor: Elsie Pares

Sofia Perez Otero
Chemistry, UPR-Rio Piedras
Research Project: Elucidating the Effect of Titanium(IV) Chemical Transferrin Mimetic Complexes on Ribonucleotide Reductase I for an Anticancer Strategy
Mentor: Arthur Tinoco

Joshua Reyes Morales
Chemistry, Universidad del Turabo
Research Project: Development Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy to detect nanoparticles in-vitro and in-vivo using fiber carbon microelectrode
Mentor: Lisandro Cunci

Felix Rodriguez Reyes
Biomedical Sciences, Inter-Ponce
Research Project: Synthesis and functionalization of Au and SiO2 core/shell nanoparticle for drug delivery purposes
Mentor: Edmy Ferrer

Katiria Soto Diaz
Natural Sciences, UPR-Mayaguez
Research Project: EGR-4 as a key for regeneration and cell differentiation in Alzheimer patients
Mentor: Nannette Diffot

Tanya Escalera
Molecular Cell Biology, UMET
Research Project: Comparison of Hypoxic Inducible Factor Expression and Fluorescence Emission on cell treated with NBQ compounds under Hypoxic vs. Aerobic Conditions
Mentor: Beatriz Zayas

Yaniris Molina Aponte
Biology, UPR-Humacao
Research Project: Activity and Stability in non-aqueous media of an esterase from hypersaline environment.
Mentor: Ezio Fasioli

Lisa Aponte Reyes
Microbiology, Inter-Ponce
Research Project: Multifunctional alginate microparticles as oral drug delivery system for combination therapy of amphotericin B and 5-fluorocytosine to treat candida infections
Mentor: Merlis Alvarez