Dr. Ezio Fasoli

Universidad del Turabo
Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez



“Brain Biocompatibility and Neuroavailability of grapheme oxide quantum dots”


New Halophilic Hydrolases for the Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Intermediates.

The goal of this PR-INBRE research proposal is to initiate preliminary investigation towards establishing a biocatalytic platform for synthesis of chiral drug intermediates.

In the second year of the funding period (Jun 2016 – May 2017) the PD and collaborators will focus on:

SA1. To test the activity and stability of isolated enzymes in organic solvents and ionic liquids.

Four different metagenomics libraries will be screened in the Laboratory of Dr Carlos Rios for the presence for esterases, lipase, proteases and epoxide hydrolases. The positive hits will further evaluated for the stability to organic solvent. The stability to ionic liquids will be also evaluated. The most promising enzymes will be purified for further study.

SA2. To study the catalytic activity and enantioselectivity of isolated enzymes for synthesis of building blocks

The positive clones will be tested for the catalytic activity towards the synthesis of secondary alcohols and amine which are relevant for the synthesis of chiral bioactive molecule. The stereo selectivity, regioselectivity and chemo selectivity will be evaluated using chiral GC and HPLC analysis.