Center for Genomics in Health Disparities and Rare Diseases

The long-term goal of the Center for Genomics in Health Disparities and Rare Diseases (CGHDRD) is to provide the critical environment that will enable high quality translational and biomedical research in pharmacogenomics, human genetics and genomics, molecular biology. We aim to develop and strengthen a collaborative research environment by providing research infrastructure that supports the focal areas of research at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus (UPR-MSC), which encompass common diseases such as cancer, neurological and cardiovascular disorders as well as rare disorders, by improving the human and physical resources. The Center focuses these initiatives on externally funded, interdisciplinary, collaborative projects which enhance the quality of translational, biomedical and clinical research at the Medical Sciences Campus linked to health disparities and rare disorders in Puerto Rico and nationally. Collaborations with researchers at institutions outside of Puerto Rico or other RCMI institutions, as well as other academic units in the island and in the UPR system are encouraged.


Carmen L. Cadilla, Ph.D.
Director – Human Genetics
Telephone: (787) 758-2525
Ext. 1638, 1372

José R. Rodríguez-Medina, Ph.D.
Director – Molecular Biology
Telephone: (787) 758-2525
Ext. 1633, 2299


Department of Biochemistry, 6th Floor
Labs. A-621, A‐639
UPR Medical Sciences Campus