Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is the governing body that provides the programmatic direction to the Puerto Rico-INBRE (PR-INBRE) Program in the different areas covered by each core. This Core also plans the PR-INBRE Program Annual Retreats, organizes Steering Committee meetings and Annual External Advisory Committee meetings.

Administrative Core personnel are:

Jose Rodriguez-Medina, Ph.D.
Program Director/Principal Investigator

Juan López García, Ph.D.
Program and Mentoring Coordinator

Humberto Ortiz-Zuazaga, Ph.D.
Core Director
Bioinformatics Resources Core

Suramganie Dharmawardhane, Ph.D.
Core Director
Developmental Research Projects Program

Jose F. Rodriguez-Orengo, Ph.D.
Core Director
Science and Technology Competency Education

Carmen L. Cadilla, Ph.D.
Core Director
Centralized Research Instrumentation

Nicole M. Ortiz
Internal Evaluation Coordinator

Sharon M. Alvalle Velez
Internal Evaluator

Mrs. Evelyn Rivera
Program Administrator