Access to Biomedical Electronic Scientific Information

ABESI’s mission is to facilitate and improve timely access to scientific information for investigators, including assistance in articles and references handling, and improving their proficiency in using search engines and bibliographic software. The overall goal is to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of all investigators in Puerto Rico in general, and INBRE’s investigators in particular.

What is the ABESI Project?

The ABESI Project (Access to Biomedical Electronic Scientific Information) is a core servicing 16 INBRE Institutions and its mission is to enhance investigators productivity and competitiveness by facilitating and improving timely access to scientific articles and other information needed by Investigators’ community in their research work. The INBRE PR-AABRE is a consortium of 16 institutions in Puerto Rico under a 5-year Program funded by the federal Grant P20-RR016470 from the NIH.  It hosts 11 scientific research projects in the biomedical areas and several core facilities.  The research projects are located mainly in undergraduate institutions and some of the graduate institutions act as mentors for these projects.

How to get scientific articles by e-mail cheap, fast, and easy, at no charge for all Investigators in biomedical sciences registered with the ABESI Project of the INBRE Program:

ABESI (Access to Biomedical Electronic Scientific Information), a Core in the INBRE-PRAABRE Program (Puerto Rico Alliance for the Advancement of Biomedical Research Excellence), has reached an agreement with the UPR Recinto de Ciencias Medicas Library (RCM) by which all Investigators in PRAABRE Institutions may obtain full-text scientific articles in electronic format at no cost to investigators, (costs will be paid by ABESI), providing that such articles are not in their institution’s holdings. Articles must be requested on-line using the LOANSOME DOC system, as Inter-Library-Loan (ILL) operations from any PC connected to the Internet, and will be delivered by email to the address specified by the user. Users must be registered with ABESI and also must register in LOANSOME DOC.

How to contact ABESI  If you have a question about ABESI operations or if you would like to benefit from ABESI services and also if you have any suggestions about possible improvements, please send an e-Mail to: Mrs. Sandra Charriez or call Mrs. Guzmán at 787-765-5170 Ext. 2066.

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